About us

"Hay Paper Products" is a leading factory for processing and marketing of paper supply and one of the largest in Israel.

The factory was founded in 1983, and it is located in the industrial area Ad Halom in Ashdod, Israel.

We are employing approximately 100 people in the different departments such as management, marketing and sales, manufacturing, distribution, logistics and human resource.

By the end of 2013 we are planning to launch our new advanced factory with new features both technological and environmental, in Gan Yavne.

The advanced and modern facility will upgrade significantly the capacity of production of the company in terms of volume, and particularly in the development of new and innovative paper products.

In our new location we have put great emphasis on the working environment which will allow our employees to express their ability and talents for the benefit of both the company and their personal well being.

"Hai Paper Products" is the leading company in Israel for the production of napkins for hosting both in private and industrial fields.

We also manufacture a variety of paper products such as: paper towels, paper tissue, medical needed paper products, industrial roll paper and products for religious sector of the Sabbath keeping.

During our years of activity we have acquired the reputation of a company that provides a high level of service to its clients, without compromising on quality on each item leaving the factory.

Among our clients we are proud to include leading companies such as "El Al Israel airline", "McDonald", "Aroma Israel", "Joe coffee", and hospitals like "Laniado," Beilinson and Hasharon.

In addition, the company supplies brand name products for big supermarkets chains in Israel such as "Supersal " ,Mega" "Yohananof" "Berchat Haaretz "and more.

The company has a special department that exports abroad and meets all international standards.